Sex: The Thesis from which every new Hypothesis has been drawn

Eurydice Eve
3 min readMar 4, 2021


Sex is the first knowledge. Long before we had come up with words & counting & time & currency, we knew sex & why it mattered to us collectively most of all. It mattered for our collective advantage long before it mattered for our tribal advantage.

It’s the energy source, the fire common to us all that unites us past (learned, codified) reason & fear & false organizational tyrannies. It’s prelingual & will be post lingual, just as it is pre-homo sapiens & will be post homo sapiens. It’s the only area in our social lives that’s not regulated & articulated & thoroughly policed.

Sex is our creative fire our inner conflagration our cleansing ritual our paroxysm of freedom & fullness. Sex is the first Apocalypse, whose literal meaning is lifting the lid & looking in on our truth. Sex is the first Knowledge.

Sex is always the Opening Act. The first act of life. Everyone originates from sex. And sex is so much more than the act of sex. The ear is a sexual organ. The brain is a sexual organ. The mouth is a sexual organ. In the 21st century, these sex organs are what distinguish us from our animal brothers & sisters. We humans have sex in dual human-animal condition.

Sex is my chosen first theme because it’s universal. When I’m trying to explain my position on a complicated social or political issue, I’ll say, “Take Sex” because sexual desire is clear & it’s as basic as we can get in our human contact as adults. In fact, sex is so basic that it’s above words. We don’t speak during sex or about sex. Certainly not as much as we speak the rest of the time, endlessly trying to translate our needs & feelings & thoughts to each other & trying to convince each other to give us what we want or think we want or are due.

Sex can be done in silence. That’s its beauty, its respite. It’s the closest to the experience of being in nature that we get can to in our social exchanges, even in the most urban settings. Sex reconnects us to our animal ancestry & common purpose. It’s prelingual & inarticulate. It’s the only social contact where grunts & moans suffice. But up to the moment sex begins, we must Speak Sex to avoid the myriad potential misunderstandings.

Everyone in the world has sex. Everyone in the world has private code terms for sex. Sex is nature’s signature calling. Sex is our insubordination to the system of classified hierarchical social roles we are born & raised & normalized into.

I propose putting all the familiar sex words aside & starting at the commonality of this necessity: we all want & need sex. Sex For All. We all want consensual sex that feels good. We all want to Own our Sexuality. Therefore, sexual freedom of choice is a human right. Sex is a space that exists outside the watchful eye of patriarchy or whatever you want to call the dominant social tyranny. Sex is a liminal space for our nudity, our mystery, our imagination, our creativity, and all our aspects & interests that can’t be regulated & publicly shared.

Putting all that into words for our lover is erotic & empowering. It’s revolutionary. Sex & love is where we take the most leaps of faith because make us feeling good. It is where we can shed our social conditioning with the least consequences.

Sexual exchange is the cultural environment that’s closest to nature & as such it’s where we can begin dismantling the patriarchal views we hold about sexuality, autonomy, identity, & our place in society. The people whose bodies can conceive, gestate, and give birth have the procreative advantage since the bodies who birth us hold control (& initial ownership) of our future survival. The patriarchy was in fact created to undo that advantage. That power is what speaking sex turns into spoken intention, into embodied ekphrasis, into cultural content. That’s the language I call Speaking Sex.



Eurydice Eve

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