Nature and Sex

Eurydice Eve
5 min readMay 1, 2021


All humans start in mothers & are born out of the bodies of mothers & dependent on mothers.

Human rights therefore must start with Mothers’ rights.

Life is energy. Energy is primarily the instinct to reproduce. The urge to live is the reproductive imperative. That is the energizer, the motivator of Life. The consciousness of mortality is humanity’s distinct motivator that leads us to want to control the conditions of life. The urge to make sense, to make meaning, to make order, to make collective agreements, to make civilization is the result of humanity’s awareness of its mortality.

Everything else is all the endless stuff we make up in our minds, the labyrinthian cultures that humans have been weaving in our species’ collective work toward a lasting union.

Life and Death are not polarities. They are a continuum in nature. They are complementary, they coexist simultaneously, and the push and pull between them is what we experience as Life.

Female and Male are not polarities. They are a continuum in nature. They are complementary, they coexist simultaneously, and the push and pull between them is what we experience as Life.

Dark becomes light, light becomes dark. That’s the continuity of life. The sun is always out. The moon is always up. That’s nature. The rest is our perception, our point of view that stems from our native ancestral culture. Most humans accept cultural cohesion as a compromise, a sacrifice of the personal to the collective in exchange for power in numbers against the power of nature.

Human frailty as the human condition is culture. Control in place of empathy is the disease of the patriarchal human condition.

The relationship between nature and culture, the push and pull, is that between the surfaces of a moebius strip; if we progress far enough (or too far) on one surface, we find ourselves on its reverse. Everything turns into its opposite.

Duality and difference are the simplifications that the human mind makes up in order to organize the reality of nature. Our subjectivity perceives everything in dualisms, a positive & its negative. The human mind creates culture which is our shared way of understanding life. Our perception of what is positive and negative is subjective as all things cultural. Therefore, the two sides are interchangeable. Consciousness is cultural. There is no consciousness, there’s only consciousness of something.

Life is being in the feed. Each life starts at birth and concludes at death. The access from life to new life is through the mothers. The conduit between life and Life are the mothers. The flip that makes each life not end in death but in new life is the mothers. The power is in each mother.

In the beginning is nature (nature or its maker, i.e., God by any other name). Life is energy generated by nature. Sex is the flip from birth to rebirth. Sex is the spark, the car/start, the switch. If a lifespan swings from birth to death in the push and pull of a moebius strip, sex is where they reverse.

Sex is how nature wants/programs us to communicate. As far as nature is concerned, we only need to meet in order to conceive and fertilize and propagate. Everything else we do together is culture.

Nature energizes pathways for its diverse dynamic systems — living morphogenic matrixes — to relate to other living systems. Nature provides the electromagnetic, nervous, lymphatic, meridian, and other connective infrastructure of life; that’s why we call it Mother Nature. Humans with our big brains picked up millennia ago on how mothers replicate on the smaller species scale what nature does for all life. Like a committed mother, Nature doesn’t have favorites. Human beings are one of a great multitude of species in nature.

Nature programs, conducts, and disseminates the software that orchestrates the symphony of our coexistence. Nature needs Sex. From the simplest single-cell replication to the most complex, nature is perpetuated through cellular replication and generational recycling that takes place through Sex in the concerto of coexisting organisms. Sex is how Life is replicated in cell divisions (the more linear DNA sequences) and in three-dimensional arrangements of molecules that change during development and are recreated at the start of each generation. These two interdependent stores of information coevolve while perpetuating an organism, a species, a life form.

Human beings transmit the genomic and extra-genomic information for building themselves from one generation to the next from conception to birth and from birth to fertility age. (*Unlike the genome sequence, the arrangement of molecules, including DNA, RNAs, proteins, sugars, lipids, etc., is not understood.)

Nature has selected the female sex to be reproductive. Females typically have two of the same kind of sex chromosome (XX) and are the homogametic sex. Males typically have two different kinds of sex chromosomes (XY) and are the heterogametic sex. Nature favors their random combination to ensure the diversity of species. This randomness is what our culture disfavors the most and tries to limit and control.

The odds of human fertilization are low, which is why semen contains millions of sperm and can survive inside the female reproductive canals up to five days to increase its odds of running into an egg in the fallopian tubes where conception occurs. Fertilization depends on the stage of maternal ovulation (whether the mother is producing eggs and whether a healthy egg is simultaneously being released from her ovaries).

We have no way of knowing if a successful fertilization has taken inside our bodies and fertilization takes up to six days. So, for six days after insemination women can continue to mate with other partners. After the six days of possible fertilization, conception begins if there is a fertilized egg. Then the fertilized egg travels into the uterus and implants itself in the lining of the uterus. The successful implantation of a fertilized egg takes another four days. Ten days after insemination, we have the implanted fertilized egg which is the embryo. Pregnancy officially begins with a successful implantation, when the woman’s body recognizes that she has an embryo and releases the hormones needed to support pregnancy, 10–15 days after the procreative sex act. If it doesn’t end prematurely in miscarriage, pregnancy lasts 40 weeks which the mother experiences mostly as disease.

The female being splits in two (or more) per childbirth. This is a natural split, a propagation.

The first split in human consciousness is the split from the Mother. That first split in consciousness is also the split from the Eternal Present.

The experiential split is the relationship of beings to time. Nature as a whole doesn’t mind time, yet nature’s beings do. Nature is all living beings, yet living beings feel the tick tock of procreative time. Nature exists in the entirety of time, or macro time, which doesn’t need accounting for; and also in every living being’s lifetime, which the living being is programmed to account for by producing at least one new life to leave in its place — or more, to better the survival odds.

Nature trumps culture.

Nature leads, culture reflects.

The unknowns always outnumber the knowns.



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